Town tells man to stop grooming trails in Paradise

Tommy Maher had taken it upon himself to groom the trails in Paradise, but now the town has told him to stop. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Human remains discovered on Paradise walking trail

A resident walking their dog on a Paradise trail made a grizzly discovery Monday morning when the found human remains. The RNC is working with the chief medical examiner to identify the person and determine the cause of death.


Paradise collision snaps utility pole, sends two to hospital

(Earl Noble / NTV News)

Two people were taken to hospital on Saturday afternoon following a collision in Paradise that snapped a utility pole.

Emergency crews were called to the intersection of Paradise Road and Stormont Street shortly after 1 p.m. following reports of a two-vehicle collision. When personnel arrived they found two vehicles with significant damage. The collision between the two cars caused one of them to crash into a nearby utility pole, which cracked the pole in two places. Crews were forced to close the road in the area, as the pole was partially suspended by high voltage lines.

(Earl Noble / NTV News)

Paramedics took the drivers of both vehicles to hospital. The nature of their injuries was unknown at the time.

Paradise Road was closed into the evening as crews with Newfoundland Power worked to replace the broken pole.

(Earl Noble / NTV News)
(Earl Noble / NTV News)
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