Silver Linings

Silver Linings takes a look at the bright side of life. NTV’s Beth Penney finds the good news stories of hope and compassion every Monday on the NTV Evening Newshour.

Silver Linings: Quilts of Valour Canada looking for volunteers

A quilt of valour is a way to pay tribute to a Canadian Armed Forces member, past or present.

Now, a group in this province is looking for volunteers to donate their time, or material, to give a quilt to one of the Newfoundland and Labrador veterans on the wait list. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 

HSC staff make Disney-themed wedding for couple as new wife battles cancer

Staff at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s made a Disney-themed wedding come true for a couple. As NTV’s Beth Penney reports, it comes as the new bride, is fighting stage four cancer. 

Local fundraiser leaves participants with permanent symbol for important cause

A fundraiser this weekend left participants with a permanent symbol for an important cause.

Here is NTV’s Bailey Howard with Silver Linings. 

Silver Linings: Submissions welcome for ‘Valentines for Vets’

With Christmas and New Years celebrations in the rear view mirror, folks are now setting their sights on the next special date: Valentine’s Day.

NTV’s Beth Penney tells us how you can make that day special, through a ‘Valentines for Vets’ program. 

Silver Linings: Feel good stories on ‘Blue Monday’ 2023

Every year the third Monday in January is known as ‘Blue Monday’.

It is supposedly the saddest day of the year, and has sparked conversations around seasonal depression, and mental health.

But tonight in NTV’s Silver Linings, Beth Penney is going to shed some light on a little good news, that has happened so far this year. 

Silver Linings: Tree chipping for charity

With many people taking down their Christmas trees this past weekend, local companies took the opportunity to raise money for a local charity that helps troubled youth and honours the legacy of a man who made a big difference in other people’s lives. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 

Silver Linings: NTV/OZFM Dream Tree receives record-breaking number of gifts

The NTV/OZFM Dream Tree has  received a record-breaking number of gifts this so far this holiday season. Some of those gifts were picked up today, to get ready to head to their new homes. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 

Association for New Canadians hosting toy drive for newcomers’ children

Thousands of newcomers will be experiencing their first ever Christmas in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Association for New Canadians is looking for the publics help, to make their first festive season a special one. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 

Silver Linings: ‘Circle of Life’ program brings together seniors and babies

A new program is bringing together babies and seniors, and it’s putting the smiles on the faces of everyone involved. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 


Silver Linings: ‘King and Queen’s’ concert coming to Holy Heart Theatre

Do you love Elvis and classic country? Well, you won’t want to miss an upcoming show at the Holy Heart Theatre. Here’s NTV’s Beth Penney with Silver Linings. 

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