Hunters concerned about proposed amendment to federal gun-control law

Avid hunters in this province are concerned about a proposed amendment to a federal gun-control law.

They’re worried some of the rifles the government is looking to ban in Bill C-21 are used primarily for hunting. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Transportation minister assess breakwater damage in Trepassey

Transportation Minister Elvis Loveless was in Trepassey Monday to assess the town’s breakwater, which has suffered repeated storm damage in recent months. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill reports.

Province launches review of statutory offices of the House after ongoing drama

The ongoing drama involving Elections N.L. and the Citizens’ Representative has led to yet another review. This time, the province has appointed a retired judge to review most of the statutory offices that report to the House of Assembly. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Opposition calls on government to address confusion over Crown lands

The opposition is pressing the government to find a solution for what they call growing confusion over Crown lands. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

NDP say cost-of-living relief cheques not reaching most vulnerable 

The province has processed more than 240,000 cost of living cheques for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians so far, but as NTV’s Ben Cleary reports, the New Democrats say these one-time relief cheques aren’t making it into the hands of the most vulnerable.

Conservative MP Clifford Small says government needs to do more to fight inflation

The province’s only Conservative MP says he’s disappointed with other MP’s from the province who he believes aren’t listening to the people of the province when it comes to dealing with inflation. NTV’s Colleen Lewis has more.

Premier touts Liberal government’s accomplishments at annual fundraising dinner

The Liberal Party held a $500-dollar-a-plate fundraising dinner in St. John’s last night. NTV’s Legislative Reporter Ben Cleary was at the event, and has the latest on what happened at the fundraiser. 

New poll released by Narrative Research shows satisfaction with Furey’s government has improved

A new poll released by Narrative Research shows satisfaction with Premier Furey’s government has improved. 

The survey drew from a sample of more than 500 residents in November, and found that satisfaction with the overall performance of the Liberal Government has improved compared to 3 months ago.

Stephenville mayor defends free flight on John Risley’s private jet

The Mayor of Stephenville is defending his decision to fly on John Risleys private jet.

Mayor Tom Rose, who was joined by a hand full of town staff and councillors, says the flight provided an opportunity to talk business. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports. 

Premier meets former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair at Confederation Building

Former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair was in St. John’s Wednesday, where he met with Premier Andrew Furey. The premier says they had a discussion about shared political experiences and how to create “transformative change.”

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