Reflections on NTV is hosted by the ever popular Jim Furlong. This feature conveys the connection that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have to the past, while looking to the future. Jim digs through the CJON archives to bring us footage that’s relevant to today’s political and sociological climate. Archive episodes here.


Reflections: John F. Kennedy

Jim Furlong reflects on the life of John F. Kennedy.

Reflections: Stories of Remembrance

Jim Furlong reflects on stories of remembrance of those who lost their lives in war.


Reflections: What kind of day has it been?

Jim Furlong reflects on a question that is at the heart of all news.

Reflections: The Stories of 1957

Jim Furlong reflects on happenings in the news in 1957.

Reflections: Serendipity

Jim Furlong reflects on images from the past when the House of Assembly sat in…


Reflections: The Warren Commission

Jim Furlong reflects on the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of U.S. President John…

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