Reflections on NTV is hosted by the ever popular Jim Furlong. This feature conveys the connection that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have to the past, while looking to the future. Jim digs through the CJON archives to bring us footage that’s relevant to today’s political and sociological climate. Archive episodes here.

Reflections: The Volkswagen Beetle

This is the story of the Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the Bug. It dominated car sales for a whole generation. Here is Jim Furlong.

Reflections: Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic

Jim Furlong reflects on the story of Charles Lindbergh, who flew directly over St. John’s on his way across the Atlantic Ocean.

Reflections: Remembering the SS Marsland

Jim Furlong reflects on the year 1933 when the cargo ship SS Marsland ran aground on the rocks just outside St. John’s Harbour.

Reflections: Newfoundland Sealing Disaster

Jim Furlong looks back at the Newfoundland sealing disaster of 1914.

Reflections: Tiananmen Square

Jim Furlong looks back at the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China in 1989.

Reflections: Storms of Winters Past

Jim Furlong looks back at major winter storms that preceded what we now call Snowmageddon.

Reflections: Pope John Paul II

Jim Furlong looks back at stories from yesteryear in the NTV archives. This week, he looks back at the life of Pope John Paul II.

Reflections: The Exxon Valdez

Jim Furlong dips into the NTV archives to reflect on news stories from the past. This week, Furlong looks back at the 1989 oil spill of the Exxon Valdez.

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