NAPE releases concepts for new prison based on experiences of correctional workers

NAPE released a research paper today on the experiences of correctional workers and their ideas for the design of a new prison to replace Her Majesty’s Penitentiary. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill reports.

NAPE calls on Furey government to oppose privatization of health care

The province’s largest public sector union has followed the NDP’s lead in calling on the Furey government to oppose privatization of the province’s health care system.

NTV’s David Salter has more in this report.

NAPE president expects recruitment and retention to remain an issue in 2023

NAPE president Jerry Earle says 2022 was a challenging year for the province’s largest union. As NTV’s David Salter reports, shortages of workers will likely still be an issue in 2023.

NAPE president concerned with staff shortages leading into holiday season

Christmas is usually the time of the year when many of us take a much-needed break from work to be with family.

But that will likely not be the case this year for many public and private sector union employees.

That’s not sitting well with Nape President Jerry Earle, who said the staff shortage crisis in this province is having a big impact on everyone. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley has the story.

NAPE sounding alarm on shortage of radiation therapists

First it was doctors, then nurses, now, the province is facing a shortage of radiation therapists. 

NAPE is raising the alarm about that the shortage could hamper cancer treatment. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill has tonight’s top story. 


NAPE president welcomes newly announced hospital, but worries about worker shortages

A new hospital is coming to st. john’s but the details are scarce. Today, the province’s largest union is weighing in on the government’s latest announcement. 

NTV’s Bailey Howard reports. 

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