NAPE sounds alarm on proposed provincial P3 highway project

Posted: February 15, 2024 12:26 pm | Last Updated: February 15th, 2024 7:32 pm
By Beth Penney


There are dozens of Maintenance and Operation Service (MOS) NAPE members working to clear snow from provincial roads today, but NAPE President Jerry Earle says those very members are being mistreated by government.

Last week, Transportation Minister John Abbott announced and update on an extension of the divided highway that will include a 15 kilometre section between Bishop’s Falls and Grand Falls-Windsor in the Central region, as well as a section of approximately 40 kilometres of highway heading west, beginning at Whitbourne in the Avalon region. 

Earl says government has indicated that they intend to use the P3 (public private partnership) to design, build, finance, and maintain new highways.

Statement from NAPE President Jerry Earle:

“The Minister has indicated in the interview that he intends for private contractors to do all maintenance of any new sections of road built under this system, whether or not, it is currently done by our members (including snow clearing).

This is a direct and flagrant violation of the P3 letter in the collective agreement (page 125) that was negotiated only months ago. This letter protects the work our members are currently doing, regardless of what scheme the government uses. This letter was first negotiated in 2018 when our union saw the writing on the wall on where this government was headed with their privatization agenda.

Our union has spoken out forcefully about the proven failure that has been the P3 scheme. You can see more about that here:

Make no mistake – your union will do everything in its power to enforce the collective agreement and fight back against this privatization agenda.

We have requested an immediate meeting with the Minister and if they do not change course our union will take the appropriate actions necessary to protect this vital public service.

There is strength in our numbers. We must stand strong and united against this attack on our public sector and the skilled, dedicated, and hard-working members like you who deliver them.”

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