Rescue mission launched for dolphins trapped by sea ice in Dildo Harbour

A family of dolphins found themselves trapped in Dildo harbour because of sea ice, DFO and residents have found a way to keep them safe in the cove. Here’s NTV’s Becky Daley.

DFO scientist shares concerns about impact of sea ice on marine mammals

The recent sea ice that packed our bays and coastlines may have drawn crowds of admirers for its beauty but it also caused significant problems for marine mammals.

Many entrapments were reported and a number of deaths of dolphins and seals. Today, a scientist with DFO is sharing his concerns around the recent incidents. NTV’s Jodi Cooke has this report.

A Whale of a Tale: Irish humpback whale spotted off Newfoundland

It’s not unusual to spot humpback whales off our shores. But a few discerning eyes have revealed something truly extraordinary about one whale that originated in Ireland. NTV’s Jodi Cooke has the inside story.

Environmental group developing marine plan for Gros Morne National Park

An environmental group on the west coast is holding meetings this week to come up with a community led marine plan around Gros Morne National Park. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has more in this report.

Local biologist says bright lights have consequences for birds, as Outer Battery issue continues

A local biologist says it might seem unusual to think of the light we produce as pollution, but says, that’s exactly what’s happening in the Outer Battery.

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