Don Bradshaw

In-patient beds left empty at Corner Brook hospital

NTV News has learned that people needing in-patient care at the Corner Brook Hospital are being placed in the surgical recovery room, even though in-patient beds are still available elsewhere in the hospital.  NTV’s Don Bradshaw explains.

Residents of Deer Lake mark Islaview Day

This is a day residents of Deer Lake and the Humber valley region have come to circle on their calendars.  It’s Islaview Day; a day-long event established seven years ago to celebrate the life of Isla Short, a three-year-old girl from the community who passed away from a rare form of cancer.

Carl Dymond says sale of Stephenville Airport nearing completion

After nearly two years of delays, the sale of Stephenville Airport appears to be nearing completion.

Businessman Carl Dymond says the money to secure the purchase is in place, and final details of the agreement should be finalized by next month. NTV’s Don Bradshaw reports.

Indigenous artist profiles history of Beothuk women

An Indigenous artist from this province is re-writing history, of sorts; using research she’s uncovered as the foundation for a play she’s penned depicting the lives of three Beothuk females whose stories have largely faded into history. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has more in this report.   

Youth from across the country learning about threats to conservation in Gros Morne

A group of young adults from across the country are in Gros Morne National Park, learning about threats to conservation in the region.  NTV’s Don Bradshaw has more.   

Police drawing attention to number of fatalities triggered by illegal drugs

They’re often deaths that go unnoticed in the public eye, overdoses from illegal drugs. But police in this province are now drawing attention to the number of fatalities triggered by cocaine, fentanyl and other narcotics. NTV’s Don Bradshaw reports.

Longtime Indigenous advocate honoured by Memorial University

A Stephenville woman with a long history of advocating for the rights of Indigenous people in this province was recognized today by Memorial University for her lifetime accomplishments. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has that story.

Come From Away creators honoured by Memorial University

A couple who turned Gander’s response to the 9-11 tragedy into an award-winning broadway musical is being honoured this week by Memorial University. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has that story.

Bhangra dancer Gurdeep Pandher honoured by MUN

A man who initially rose to prominence for posting videos of himself dancing in the wilderness near his home in Yukon is being honoured this week by Memorial University for his work in promoting a message of joy and inclusivity through dance. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has more in this report.

Marble Mountain hopes for busy ‘off-season’ with new attractions

Management at Marble Mountain are hoping for a busy summer some new features being added to attract business during the off-season. NTV’s Don Bradshaw reports.

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