David Salter


Child and youth advocate releases report on suicide in group home

The province's child and youth advocate released a report Thursday on problems in the child care system after the suicide of a young person...

Innu Nation seeks $4 billion in restitution from Hydro-Quebec for Churchill Falls

The Innu Nation is seeking billions of dollars from Hydro-Quebec to compensate for ecological and cultural damage from Churchill Falls. NTV's David Salter reports.

Protesters gather as Douglas Snelgrove’s third sexual assault trial set for next March

Suspended RNC constable Douglas Snelgrove will go on trial for sexual assault for a third time starting March 29, 2021. Protesters gathered outside the...

Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayor speaks out about COVID-19 testing

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Mayor Wally Andersen is expressing concern about the long lineups for testing after a COVID-19 case was reported in Labrador this...

Hospitality N.L. calls on province to loosen travel restrictions

The province's hospitality industry says it needs more customers, and that might mean loosening the restrictions on who can come here. NTV's David Salter reports...

Minimum wage rising by 50 cents an hour Oct. 1

The province's minimum wage will rise by 50 cents an hour on Thursday to $12.15. It's good news for many, but not for all....