Bell Island

Bell Island fire department, town council raise alarm about poor ambulance services

The fire department and town council on Bell Island are raising concerns about ambulances services on the island, which more often that not are unavailable.

NTV’s Jodi Cooke reports.

RCMP investigating sudden death on Bell Island

Residents of Bell Island can expect to see an increased police presence in the community as the RCMP investigates a sudden death that occurred last night.

Residents are free to move about as normal but are asked to respect any barricades in place as police do their work. There is no known risk to public safety.

Bell Island resident voices concerns about continued emergency room closures

Staffing shortages continue to cause temporary emergency room closures in the province.

As NTV’s Beth Penney reports, with the emergency department on Bell Island closed today, one woman says it’s time hold government’s feet to the fire.