Tires to be recycled in-province at new facility in C.B.S.

Discarded used tires will no longer have to be shipped out of the province to be recycled.

That’s thanks to a new facility officially opened today in Conception Bay South. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Lynx Air launches new non-stop route from St. John’s to Montreal

Lynx Air launched a new flight path from St. John’s. With more on that, here’s NTV’s Becky Daley. 

St. John’s announces $20-million plan to add 10 km of new shared-use paths

The city of St. John’s has announced a $20 million dollar plan to add roughly 10 kilometers of new shared-use paths. NTVs Ben Cleary has more.

Burin Peninsula boy receives 300th infusion to treat rare genetic condition

When you donate blood, you don’t often get to find out who the recipient is.

But recently, Canadian blood services held a special blood donor clinic on the Burin Peninsula in honour of a 14-year-old boy receiving his 300th infusion to treat a rare genetic condition.

Here is NTV’s Ross Tilley.

Woman working as marriage commissioner details changes over two decades

A local business women has been working as a marriage commissioner for over 20 years, and tells us how much has changed over the last decade. Here’s NTV’s Becky Daley with more on this. 

C-NLOPB investigates near miss projectile on Hebron platform

The C-NLOPB is investigating an incident that happened on the Hebron Platform on May, 28.

ExxonMobil has reported that while completing maintenance on the knuckle boom crane on the Hebron Platform using a hydraulic pin puller, the hydraulic pin puller failed.

This resulted in the puller rod being projected approximately 19 meters across the pipe deck striking the top of the northwest pipe deck handrail, and then dropping 21 meters to the deck below, landing on a walkway. The rod weighed approximately 6.8 kg.

There were no injuries however, the C-NLOPD says the incident had the potential for fatality. No barriers were in place for the path the rod travelled to the handrail, or for the drop path to the deck and walkway below.

ExxonMobil immediately ceased work in the area and has initiated an investigation into the root cause of the incident. The C-NLOPB is monitoring ExxonMobil’s investigation of the incident.

Rio Tinto to temporarily idle operations in Labrador West because of fires

A fire in the north shore area of Quebec has shuttered some access between parts of the Labrador Quebec border and has caused Rio Tinto to temporarily idle operations in Labrador City.

Forest Fires have severed connections in Labrador West, forcing Rio Tinto IOC to close its rail access to the mining corridor. The town of Sept-Iles hosted a news conference earlier today and said much of the management of the fire is fluid as conditions change. Members of The Canadian Armed Forces have arrived to support those firefighting operations as a state of emergency was called for Sept-Iles. A spokesperson for Rio Tinto tells NTV News the railway will remain suspended until this coming Friday and will be re-assessed throughout the week. Route 389 has opened and closed through various times in the past few days.

FFAW calling on Ottawa for economic support

Weeks after the resumption of the crab fishery, the FFAW is calling on Ottawa for economic support to address income shortages this year due to lower catch prices. The FFAW says harvesters and fish plant workers will be hard-pressed to survive the upcoming season.

Today, FFAW-Unifor launched a campaign for federal support for those impacted by the post-pandemic collapse in the snow crab fishery. The proposal includes income support requests for fish harvesters, fishery workers, and enterprise owners, to address significant income shortages this year and provide the help needed to make it to next season.

According to the FFAW, the fishery is a reliable, sustainable, and important source of economic development for coastal communities with over 7,500 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians relying on the crab solely or mostly for their livelihood. The current crisis can be attributed to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, pandemic stimulus spending in the United States, the Russian/Ukraine challenge and Russia’s takeover of Japanese seafood markets, all contributing to the market collapse and subsequent 70 per cent drop in market prices from last year.  “Both federal and provincial governments declared fish harvesters and plant workers essential workers during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – critical to both the economy and food supply of the country. Now, these Canadians need help in the form of economic relief from the federal government,” says FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty.

NTV’s David Salter is covering the story and will have more details on the NTV Evening Newshour.

Temporary closure of lanes on Pitts Memorial Drive

The eastbound and westbound lanes of Pitts Memorial Drive between downtown St. John’s and Kilbride will be closed this evening from 7-9 p.m.

The closure is necessary to complete repair work on the bridge.

Motorists are asked to pay attention to traffic control and take an alternate route.

Information on active highway construction projects and repairs is also available by visiting nl511.caand on the NL 511 mobile app.


Soldiers from this province assisting in Nova Scotia wildfire efforts

Canadian Armed Forces members from this province are supporting the relief and remediation efforts in the Nova Scotia wildfires
The 5th Canadian Division, made up of soldiers from this province as well as the Maritimes, have been called to help in remediation efforts. Teams from the division over the weekend made preparations to train with the immediate response unit for fire remediation efforts and to deploy once the conditions were ready.

The Minister of National Defence says Canadian Forces support is also under way in Quebec.

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