Wednesday’s forecast

Posted: May 24, 2023 7:06 am
By Eddie Sheerr

Wednesday will see a return to the sunny conditions across the Island, although some areas will be a bit later seeing than others… I’m looking at you Avalon Peninsula. While the bulk of the Island is waking up to sunny skies, the Avalon is still in cloud cover. The clouds will erode later this morning and the sun should return around lunchtime, along with brilliant blue skies. The image below gives you a timeline on when the skies should turn sunny over the Metro.

Cloud Cover Today | May 24, 2023 | CYYT

The Avalon Peninsula will also see a wide variation in temperatures today. Areas on the East Coast will see significantly cooler temperatures than those inland and bit and farther west. Today will be a day where CBS, the West End, Paradise, and Mount Pearl could see teens, the airport is near 7 or 8 and the east coast / southern shore is holding near 3 or 4. The map below illustrates this rather well.

Temperatures today will peak in the mid to upper teens for a large part of central and western Newfoundland. On the Northern Peninsula and South Coast, it will be cooler due to onshore winds. We are looking at highs closer to 10 in these areas. Labrador will also see rain showers today, at times, along the TLH and points north. Along the North Coast, snow will fall today. This may hamper flight ops to some areas, like Nain and Voisey’s Bay, which will improve tomorrow.

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