Wednesday starts chilly… perhaps a bit more sun for many?

Posted: November 15, 2023 7:04 am
By Eddie Sheerr

The day is certainly starting off on the chilly side and while we will recover some this afternoon, it’s by no means going to be a warm day. Here are temperatures as of 6:52 AM NST. Wind chills for a lot of us are close to -10.

Temperatures and wind chills as of 6:52 AM NST

Weather-wise today, we are looking at generally the same as yesterday with perhaps a bit more sunshine across the region. During these short days, and under the weather pattern we are in, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and if the low cloud will break up, but some signs will at least try today… especially west of the Avalon. SOme light snow will push into Labrador West later this afternoon or early in the evening.

Forecast for today | November 15, 2023

It will be a little more breezy for parts of the Province today, particularly over eastern and northeastern areas where winds speeds will gust as high as 40 km/h this afternoon.

Weather Forecast MapsWind gusts 1 hour, 47°37'N 53°56'W, 2023/11/15 13:30 (UTC−03:30), ©

We will generally have quiet weather through Friday or early Saturday. The next more significant weather maker arrives later in the weekend and will bring rain and milder temps to the ISland and snow to parts of northern and western Labrador. I’ll have your full forecast later today!

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