Multiple rallies held to mark Day 10 of PSAC strike

More than a thousand workers held rallies in multiple locations today to mark day 10 of the federal public service strike. 

They started at a cabinet minister’s office, then moved to a federal funding announcement to have their voices heard by a local mp. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Striking federal workers ramping up action as negotiations continue

It’s now day six on the picket line in the federal public sector strike.

PSAC says it’s ramping up action as negotiations continue. NTV’s Bailey Howard tells us more.

Almost 6,000 N.L. workers join federal public sector strike

More than 150,000 federal public sector workers went on strike across the country today.

NTV’s Bailey Howard tells us more has more on the impact in this province. 

Union activists showing support for local striking federal workers

Union activists in this province were showing their support for striking federal workers today. As NTV’s David Salter reports, one was even doing it from the picket line in New Brunswick.

UPDATE: More than 150,000 federal public service workers going on strike

More than 150,000 federal public service workers will be on strike Wednesday.

Canada’s largest federal public-service union said Tuesday evening that workers will go on strike after talks with the government failed to produce an agreement before its 9 p.m. ET deadline.

The bargaining groups involve some 155,000 federal public servants, including 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers.

NTV’s Bailey Howard reports on what the impact could be in Newfoundland and Labrador.

MUN to reimburse more than $3 million dollars to students for missed time during faculty strike

Memorial University will reimburse more than $3 million dollars to students for time missed during the recent faculty association strike. NTV’s Beth Penney has the details. 

MUN students heading back to class on Wednesday

After a 12-day faculty strike, students are going back to class at Memorial University on Wednesday.

Details of the back-to-work plan were released last night after the university and faculty association reached a tentative agreement on Friday.

The academic term will not be extended, so the semester will still end on April 21st. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Students gather outside MUN president’s office to share strike concerns

This afternoon students gathered outside the presidents office in hopes of sharing their concerns about the ongoing strike.

MUN Grenfell faculty brace for lengthy stalemate as strike drags on

While talks continue between MUN and the faculty association, people walking the picket line in Corner Brook are bracing for a lengthy stalemate. NTV’s Don Bradshaw reports.

University and faculty association continue talks as strike reaches Day 9

MUN and faculty are back at the table today in hopes of reaching a deal after nine days on the picket line.

NTV’s Bailey Howard has this story.

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