Lobster harvesters protest in Stephenville as processors refuse to buy

Lobster harvesters from throughout the west coast gathered along the waterfront in Stephenville today to voice their concern over a move by processing companies throughout the province to not purchase product from harvesters at current market prices.

NTV’s Don Bradshaw was there, and files this report.

Hundreds of crab harvesters protest on steps of Confederation Building

Hundreds of crab harvesters protested on the steps of Confederation Building today.

It’s been one week since they refused to go out on the water because of low crab prices. NTV’s Bailey Howard was there.

Police presence in St. Mary’s as rumours circulate of planned harvester protest

Inshore crab harvesters are continuing to protest. Rumours that those protests would move to St. Mary’s today brought police to the area.

NTV’s Bailey Howard tells us more.

Crab protesters launch flotilla in St. John’s Harbour

Inshore crab harvesters continued their protests today, by launching a flotilla of boats for 3L inshore crab, in St. John’s harbour. NTV’s Beth Penney reports. 

Protesting crab harvesters confront fisheries minister after ejection from chamber

There was drama at the House of Assembly today after protesting crab harvesters were kicked out of the chamber for causing a disruption.

That led to a confrontation with the Fisheries Minister in the lobby, after a long day of protests all over the capital city. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Protesters call for 24/7 emergency care to be restored in Whitbourne

Whitbourne residents took their protest to the steps of Confederation Building today.

They’re calling on government to reinstate 24/7 emergency services at their health centre. NTV’s Beth Penney has the details. 

Big turnout at Bonavista rally to protest state of health care in the region

Residents of Bonavista held a rally last night to protest the state of health care in the region. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Students protest funding cuts and tuition hikes as MUN president releases annual report

Students faced off against the president of Memorial University today as she presented her annual report.

Vianne Timmons’ presentation was cut short as the student union protested funding cuts and tuition hikes. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

MUN students protest first tuition hike in over 20 years

Memorial University students rallied and marched on Confederation Hill today to protest the first tuition hikes in over 20 years. NTV’s David Salter was there and has this report.


Protest held in St. John’s to support demonstrators in Iran

A protest was held in St. John’s this weekend to support demonstrators in Iran, where Masha Amini died after being detained for allegedly violating the country’s Islamic dress code for women.

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