Rangers take out the Jays in MLB action

Posted: September 12, 2023 8:34 am
By Kyle Brookings

It was a busy day in MLB action on Monday.

There were two games between the Braves and the Phillies. In the first game, the Braves took it 10 to 8 but the Phillies came back in the second game and took it 7 to 5.

The Toronto Blue Jays lost to the Texas Rangers 10 to 4 in a game that could play a factor in the AL wild card.

The Orioles beat the Cardinals 11 to 4, the Nationals took out the Pirates 6 to 2, and the Diamondbacks beat the Mets 4 to 3.

The Brewers, Rays, Athletics, Cubs, Angels, Giants, and Padres all picked up wins.

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