FFAW says harvesters won’t fish after price-setting panel decision

Posted: April 2, 2024 10:53 pm
By Web Team

Fish harvesters say they are unable to fish at the price chosen by the province’s price-setting panel, the FFAW said in a statement Tuesday evening. The announcement sets the stage for a repeat of last year’s standoff in the crab fishery.

“The Union held a call this afternoon with over 40 crab committee chairs from all over the province to hear representatives’ reactions to the Panel decision last night,” the union said in a statement. “Harvesters expressed their inability to fish under the pricing system selected by the Panel, which effectively eliminates their ability to earn a fair market share. Harvesters also expressed their frustration at their legal inability to strike – while companies regularly enjoy the privilege of coordinated lockouts. Fleet chairs are asking all harvesters to respect the respective decisions of each fleet as we deal with this crisis.”

The FFAW has said harvesters will lose $30 million this year after the price-setting panel sided with the Association of Seafood Producers in selecting a formula for this year’s crab season.

“Crab harvesters fully understand the importance of their business to their families and their communities,” FFAW president Greg Pretty said. “This injustice must be corrected, and we expect that harvesters will support leadership’s position to not fish.” 

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