DFO still concerned about health of cod stocks

DFO's latest numbers on cod stocks are showing an upward trend, but the department remains concerned about their health. NTV's Jodi Cooke reports.

DFO scientists remain cautious about health of caplin stock

DFO released a report Monday that shows positive signs for caplin. But scientists are still cautious about the health of the stock. NTV's Jodi...

Fish harvesters march through downtown St. John’s to protest quota cuts

Hundreds of fish harvesters marched on the streets of downtown St. John's to send a message ahead of fishing season. They're not happy with...

Federal government announces money for patrolling oceans

The Government of Canada announced major investments in patrolling the oceans on Monday, both by air and by sea. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

FFAW takes issue with DFO consultation on snow crab

DFO announced its latest numbers for snow crab on Tuesday, but the FFAW maintains the science doesn't match what fish harvesters see on the...

DFO presents more troubling numbers for Northern Shrimp

DFO is painting another bleak picture of the fishery. The latest numbers on shrimp have the department recommending caution on quotas. NTV's Leila Beaudoin...

FFAW blindsided by DFO report calling for cuts to snow crab harvest

The FFAW had harsh words for DFO Friday. The union says it was blindsided by a recent report urging reductions in the snow crab...

Male snow crab no longer growing to fishable size, DFO reports

DFO says there are alarming results coming from a recent survey of snow crab. Research data shows males are no longer growing to a...

FFAW-Unifor calls on government to ban offshore draggers from 3Ps cod

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) held a technical briefing on Tuesday on the most recent science assessment for the 3Ps cod stock...

Federal workers protest Phoenix pay problems outside DFO

Frustrations inside the federal public service continue to mount as workers seek a new collective agreement and a solution to the problems with the...