Thursday’s Forecast | Here comes the rain

Our Thursday is starting off dry and cool across the bulk of the Province. Although there are still likely some showers and/or flurries on the go in southern sections of the Big Land. Labrador will generally stay dry through the day and will be sunny as well. Temperatures will be as warm as the teens in the west today.

On the Island, it will be a bit of a different story. We start dry this morning, but the rain will move during the late morning to early afternoon on the South Coast and Burin Peninsula, and spread north through the remainder of the day, reaching most areas south of the bottom of the Northern Peninsula by evening. We can already see the rain on the radar off the coast of Nova Scotia, so it’s coming.

Radar Loop from early Thursday morning

If you’ve got some outdoor activities you’d like to get done, I suggest getting that done this morning. Otherwise, you’ll be doing it in the rain later today. Also, today is not a great day to hang your laundry out in the southern areas of the Island. Future Radar should give you a good idea of when to expect the rain in your area.

Future Radar for May 25, 2023

Temperatures will be cooler today, as a whole, across the Island compared to Wednesday. Expect highs in the teens central and west and 5 to 10 in the east and south.

I’ll have a full forecast update for you later today.

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