The Holiday weekend will start on a high note

Forecast Disco

Skies will clear out nicely across the Island overnight, while showers and/or flurries will linger in Labrador. Lows will be within a couple of ticks of the freezing mark across the board.

Friday will see sunshine across the Island with highs in the mid-teens. Temperatures be closer to 8 in onshore, southwest winds. It will be breezy, with gusts to 60 km/h. Labrador will see scattered showers moving into the west during the second half of the day.

Saturday starts quietly across much of the Province, with highs in the teens. Some areas of Central Newfoundland will get near 20°. Sunday will see rain pushing through Labrador, which may change to wet snow in the north and west during the afternoon. Rain will make its way into southern and western Newfoundland by evening. That rain will move eastward across the Island Sunday night and end up on the Avalon for Monday. While areas west of the Avalon dry out, the easternmost Peninsula will see rain throughout the day. We see a return to sunshine on Tuesday!

Here is my forecast for the NTV News Evening News Hour


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