The heat and humidity stick around for mid-week

Posted: July 18, 2023 6:57 pm
By Eddie Sheerr


The weather pattern that is sending the heat and humidity into Atlantic Canada will remain in place for the next several days, at least. This will keep temperatures warm, to hot, and humidity levels high. There is some good news in that we should, at the very least, get a bit of a break in the extremely hot temperatures by later this week or the weekend.

Newfoundland Forecast

Tonight will see partly to mostly cloudy skies for much of the Island. The exception will be in the south where showers, drizzle, and fog will persist near the shorelines. Lows will be in the middle teens to about 20°C.

Wednesday will see another day of temperatures reaching the upper 20s to lower 30s under mainly sunny skies. It will be cooler on the south coast, in onshore winds, where clouds and drizzle will be the rule. On the West Coast, we start dry but some showers and thunderstorms roll in for the afternoon.

Thursday may see some showers and/or rain over eastern sections as a quick-moving disturbance comes through. There is some uncertainty in this, however. To close out the week and get into the weekend temperatures will remain in the middle to upper 20s and humidity will stay up there. There will be a few more showers around. Parts of the Avalon may see a bit of break later Saturday in Sunday, with respect to temps– we may get a brief stint of onshore south easterlies.

The St. John’s Pride Parade, happening Sunday, looks to be unaffected by major weather at this time.

Labrador Forecast

Tonight will see a risk of showers, otherwise expect partly cloudy skies with lows near 20. Except in the north where it will be nearer to 12 and west, where it will be closer to 14.

Wednesday will see a mix of sun and cloud with scattered showers and possible thunderstorms. Highs range from the upper teens on the North Coast to near 30, or higher, as one goes south. In the west, highs will be in the lower 20s.

Looking ahead, the next chance of showers arrives in Labrador on Friday, with a good chance of rain on Saturday. Showers may linger into Sunday. Highs will be into the upper teens to lower and mid-20s for the next 5 days or so.

Tropical Storm Don continues to spin well southeast of the Island. The storm will travel south and west before turning north. At this point, it may be relatively close to the Island later this weekend as a weakening tropical system. There are currently no indications the storm will impact our weather, but anything this close is of note and needs watching.

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