Justin Trudeau

Prime minister and opposition leader visits make Clarenville ground zero for federal politics

Clarenville has been ground zero for federal politics in recent weeks with visits from both the prime minister and the opposition leader. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Trudeau in Clarenville to announce province reaching $10-a-day child care goal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Premier Andrew Furey today to announce that the province has reached that milestone three years ahead of the national target to have the system in place across the country. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Furey calls Ottawa’s offer of $46 billion in new health spending good for Canadians

The federal government is pledging $196.1 billion in health care funding for the provinces and territories over the next 10 years in a long-awaited deal aimed at addressing Canada’s crumbling health-care systems with $46.2 billion in new funding. N.L. Premier Andrew Furey called it a good deal for Canadians. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Canada’s premiers set to meet prime minister about health care funding

Canada’s premiers will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tuesday about health care funding. NTV’s Ben Cleary speaks with N.L. Premier Andrew Furey.

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