NDP calling on government to do more to reduce harm from drug addiction

Posted: August 7, 2023 10:27 am | Last Updated: August 7th, 2023 8:31 pm
By Marykate O'Neill


NL NDP Leader Jim Dinn, MHA for St. John’s Centre, is calling on government to deal with the gaps in addiction supports, in harm reduction education, and take action before more people die from preventable drug overdoses. 

“Families across the province are grieving after the spike in opioid related deaths. Our hearts go out to them as they live through these tragic loses,” said Dinn. “Advocates and families have called for better services for years. As recently as this week they have criticized government‘s response saying more needs to be done in harm reduction education.  In addition, resources for mental healthcare are lacking and we need to implement community-based solutions,” said Dinn. “Distributing naloxone kits is one piece, but not all drug users are in bars. People need to know why these kits are necessary and where they can get them”.

“Government needs to be proactive and listen to workers and advocates who have been sounding the alarm.

“Many families are impacted by addiction,” said Dinn. “The province needs a focused effort on mental health and addictions. Providing naloxone kits in bars will not address the population who most need these lifesaving resources. 

Recently Government released the Towards Recovery Report stamped with green checkmarks. However, it does not mention how harm reduction targets will be met.

“What measures are being put in place to ensure that these targets will continue to be met,” says Dinn.

NTV News will have more tonight at 6:00 on the NTV Evening Newshour.

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