Freezing Rain ends this morning, weather slowly improves today

Posted: February 23, 2024 7:17 am
By Eddie Sheerr


Many areas of the island saw rain, freezing rain, and even snow overnight from a low-pressure area that tracked near the eastern side of the Avalon Peninsula. That low is in the process of departing this morning, and the freezing rain, rain, and even snow will be within the next few hours.


The weather for the remainder of the day will generally improve, and many areas of the Island will see some sun by the afternoon. Parts of Labrador will see some snow as well, but northern and western areas will see some snow today.

The weather for the weekend, at least the start of it, will not be as nice. A significant rain event is on tap for the West Coast and Southwest Coast. Rainfall Warnings are already in effect for up to 100 mm of rain tonight through Saturday in the higher elevations of western and southwestern Newfoundland. The lower terrain will not see as much. Get the full alert details here.

I’ll have a more thorough update on the weather for you later today.

Stay tuned.

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