‘We should not be abandoning the public health care system to make a private system,’ Tony Wakeham says

PC leadership candidate Tony Wakeham says the province should focus on fixing the public health care system rather than expanding private health care. That’s after the Ford Government in Ontario announced plans this week to give for-profit clinics a bigger role in surgeries.

Province reports two new COVID deaths, 25 new hospitalizations in first two weeks of 2023

Newfoundland and Labrador is reporting two new COVID deaths for the first two weeks of 2023 from Jan. 1 to Jan. 14.

There were 25 new hospitalizations during that period with three new admissions to critical care. Only 24.2 per cent of the province’s population is up to date on COVID vaccinations. “Up to date” is defined as anyone who has received a booster shot or received their first two doses within the last six months.

NLMA once again putting a push on family doctor recruitment

The medical association is once again putting a push on recruitment as the number of people in the province without a family doctor continues to rise.

NTV’s Bailey Howard has this story.

Changes starting Monday during construction at Health Sciences Centre emergency department

Temporary changes are coming to external and internal entrances at the emergency department of the Health Sciences Centre during construction on expanding the department.

External Entrance to the Emergency Department

As of Monday, Jan. 16, individuals with appointments, or those who are visiting patients within the hospital, are required to use the main patient entrance as there will be no public access to the rest of the Health Sciences Centre from the emergency department external entrance. People requiring access to the emergency department will be able to use this entrance up to 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 22.

All Entrances to the Emergency Department

As of Sunday, both the external and internal entrance to the emergency department will be closed and all patients requiring access to the emergency department will be directed to enter through the main patient entrance of the hospital. A new temporary emergency entrance will be available for patients to access registration and the waiting room inside the facility. People proceeding to the emergency department should follow signage which will direct them to take their immediate right after entering the main entrance of the facility and proceed down the hallway to the new emergency department entrance.

Additional Measures

Measures have been put in place for individuals who are pregnant and need emergency services. Anyone who is over 20 weeks pregnant should proceed through the main patient entrance of the Health Sciences Centre and follow the signage directing them to the case room. Anyone who is less than 20 weeks pregnant should proceed to the main entrance of the hospital and follow the signage to the new entrance of the emergency department.

As part of the emergency department expansion project at Health Sciences Centre, new security doors will be installed inside the main entrance of the facility. As part of the project, an intercom system will also be installed at the main patient entrance of the Health Sciences Centre to enable direct access to the case room for obstetrical patients. Anyone else seeking access to the facility after hours will be required to call security using the phone provided just inside the entrance or by calling the phone number provided on signage.

Signs will remain in place throughout the project to help direct people and security will be on site to provide assistance as needed.

Premier argues recruiting reaping benefits as NLMA flags growing population without family doctor

New numbers from the NLMA show 26% of people in the this province say they do not have direct access to a family doctor.

But Premier Andrew Furey argues the province is already seeing the benefits of recruiting initiatives. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Nurses’ union says province should fix problems at home before recruiting in Ireland

The province announced this week its launching a second recruiting trip to Ireland to support the beleaguered health care system.

But as NTV’s David Salter reports, the Nurses’ Union says the government should take care of issues here at home first.

Rural paramedics begin strike with work-to-rule campaign

More than 100 private ambulance workers in rural Newfoundland are now on strike. 

The workers have begun a work-to-rule campaign, but for the time-being they say the general public will not see any change in services. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Political leaders hope for quick resolution to paramedic strike action 

 Party leaders are hopeful there will be a quick resolution to the paramedic strike, but the government says it’s willing to step in if necessary. NTV’s Beth Penney has the details. 

Allied health professionals call for better recruitment and retention

More health care groups are weighing in on the province’s recruitment and retention initiatives. The president of the Association of Allied Health Professionals says it’s time to focus on keeping staff rather than patchwork crisis management. NTV’s Jodi Cooke reports.

Mental Health Advocates concerned about redirection of walk-in services at Waterford Hospital 

Mental health advocates are speaking out about the ongoing redirection of walk-in services at the Waterford Hospital. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill has this story.

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