Tony Wakeham

‘We should not be abandoning the public health care system to make a private system,’ Tony Wakeham says

PC leadership candidate Tony Wakeham says the province should focus on fixing the public health care system rather than expanding private health care. That’s after the Ford Government in Ontario announced plans this week to give for-profit clinics a bigger role in surgeries.

Tony Wakeham launches second bid for PC leadership

PC MHA Tony Wakeham threw his hat into the ring for the Progressive Conservative leadership Tuesday evening. Wakeham ran for the job in 2018, finishing behind Ches Crosbie.

Tony Wakeham set to announce ‘political future’ ahead of PC leadership convention

Tory MHA Tony Wakeham will make an announcement about his political future at 5:45 p.m. with all signs pointing toward a bid for the Progressive Conservative leadership.

The PCs will elect a new leader in October. Wakeham previously ran for the leadership in 2018, losing to Ches Crosbie. Fellow MHA Lloyd Parrott has already announced his intention to run. Interim party leader David Brazil officially ruled himself out on Monday. Former PC party president Eugene Manning is expected to announce his intentions within the next month.

Nominations officially open May 17 and close June 16. The new leader will be announced Oct. 14.

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