Health Care

New incentives announced for nurse practitioners

The province is introducing more recruitment incentives for health care workers. As NTV’s Ben Cleary tells us, this time, the target is nurse practitioners. 

In-patient beds left empty at Corner Brook hospital

NTV News has learned that people needing in-patient care at the Corner Brook Hospital are being placed in the surgical recovery room, even though in-patient beds are still available elsewhere in the hospital.  NTV’s Don Bradshaw explains.

Province looking to establish new mental health and addictions centre

The provincial government is looking to establish a new community mental health and addictions centre on the northeast avalon.

NTV’s Marykate O’Neill has more.

Province aims to reduce high number of missed health care appointments through electronic reminders

The province is trying to cut down on the number of missed health care appointments. As NTV’s Beth Penney reports, it involves electronic reminders for appointments. 

Harbour Breton residents protest ongoing health diversions

This weekend hundreds of residents from around the south coast gathered in Harbour Breton where they protested the ongoing health diversions. NTV’s Colleen Lewis has the story.

Vacancies still on the rise as province reports recruiting more than 400 nurses last year

The province recruited over 400 nurses last year, but vacancies are still on the rise. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Province still tackling staffing shortages in emergency rooms across province

Emergency rooms across the province have faced closures on and off again due to staffing shortages. But as NTV’s Marykate O’Neill tells us, the province says it has plans in place to deal with the ongoing issue.

Health Minister stresses Labrador won’t fall through cracks after regional health authorities merge

Health Minister Tom Osborne is responding to calls for Labrador to have its own health council.

The NDP says the region will fall through the cracks after the merger of the four regional authorities. But Osborne maintains that won’t happen. NTV’s Ben Cleary has more.

MHA says Labrador should have its own regional health council

The MHA for Torngat Mountains says under the new provincial health authority, Labrador should have its own regional health council. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Opposition questions government’s approach after health care related announcements

Government has made a series of health care announcements recently, aimed at addressing the province’s beleaguered health care system, but the official Opposition was not impressed. NTV’s David Salter has more in this report.

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