Residents in Canada’s smallest town vote to resettle

Posted: November 28, 2023 3:21 pm
By Bailey Howard

The residents of Canada’s smallest town, Tilt Cove, have voted to resettle – all four of them. Located southeast of Baie Verte, Tilt Cove was Newfoundland’s first mining town, founded in 1813. The mine opened in 1864 and closed for the last time in 1967. The population peaked in 1916 at 1,500 residents. But as of 2016, there are just four residents remaining in the community. They voted 100 per cent in favor of resettling. The residents first applied for a relocation package in winter 2019, but it was turned down by the province, so the residents appealed the decision. Following the vote, the two couples living in the community will now move forward with the resettlement process.

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