No more donuts, Timbits at Health Sciences Centre as Eastern Health welcomes Healthy Food Policy

Posted: August 14, 2023 2:11 pm
By Bailey Howard

A sign at Tim Horton’s at the Health Sciences Centre has sparked conversation on-line: no more donuts or timbits for sale. It’s the first phase of the health authority’s healthy food policy and baked goods aren’t the only products being phased out.

The change began June 21st as part of the first phase of the policy. Sports drinks, energy drinks and candy will also be removed from shelves and deep fried foods are limited to being sold a maximum of three days a week at Eastern Health Facilities.

In June 2024, phase two begins, removing vitamin water, soft drinks and chips and limiting fried foods to one day a week.

The final phase is set for June 2025 with the removal of chocolate and all deep fried foods. Beverages available for sale from June 2025 onward will be limited to water (including naturally sweetened carbonated water), white milk (1% and 2%) and unsweetened tea and coffee.

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