Update released for suspended metro-area school bus routes with subcontractor found for Mount Pearl and Paradise schools

Posted: February 12, 2023 9:42 pm
By Web Team

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District has updated the complete list of school bus service interruptions first announced Saturday.

Bus service will be maintained for Monday morning, Feb. 13, for the routes bolded and identified in below. These runs have been subcontracted to secondary approved bus operators since September 2022, and
service will continue, uninterrupted.

Schools have been in direct contact with their students and families to provide the updated information. School names bolded in the chart below are no longer anticipated to be impacted. District staff are aiming to have all bus services in place by Monday, Feb. 20, as work to implement services as quickly as possible is ongoing. As resources become available, service may be implemented earlier for some schools. Families are being asked to make arrangements for transportation to and from school in the interim.

The District is also asking the general public in the St. John’s Metro region to be careful in school
zones, particularly in the areas near the schools noted below. Patience and attention are important, as there will be increased vehicle and foot traffic in these locations.

School Impacted, Bus Route Number:
Beachy Cove Elementary, All routes
Beaconsfield Junior High, All routes
Brookside Intermediate, All routes
Elizabeth Park Elementary, All routes
Hazelwood Elementary, All routes
Holy Cross Elementary, Route 21-185-1
Holy Spirit High, All routes
Mary Queen of the World Elementary, Route 22-044-1 (resumes 02/13)
Mount Pearl Intermediate, Route 22-044-3 (resumes 02/13)
Mount Pearl Senior High, Route, 22-044-3 (resumes 02/13)
O’Donel High School, Route 22-044-4 (resumes 02/13)
Paradise Intermediate, Route 22-045-1 (resumes 02/13),Route 22-045-5 (resumes 02/13),Route 22-045-2 (resumes 02/13), Route 17-130-14 (resumes 02/13)
St. Peter’s Primary Route, 22-044-2B (resumes 02/13),Route 22-044-4 (resumes 02/13)
St. Peter’s Junior High, Route 22-044-1 (resumes 02/13),Route 22-044-2A (resumes 02/13)

Topsail Elementary, All routes
Villa Nova Junior High, All routes

Alternate Transportation Contracts:
Cape St. Francis Elementary
Holy Trinity Elementary
Holy Trinity High
Juniper Ridge Intermediate

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