Made Right Here

Made Right Here: Newfoundland Blacksmith

Tonight on Made Right Here, Danielle Butt visits Metal Sculptor and Newfoundland Blacksmith Ian Gillies. He offered custom blacksmithing, sculptures and metal fabrication.

Made Right Here: Windy Heights Farm specializes in growing gourmet mushrooms

Tonight on Made Right Here, Danielle Butt is at Windy Heights Farm, where they specialize in growing gourmet mushrooms.

Made Right Here: Michelle’s Fine Art

Danielle Butt visits Michelle’s Fine Art in Crocker’s Cove.

Made Right Here: Academy Canada students learn to grow crops in different environments

On this evening’s Made Right Here, Danielle Butt visits Academy Canada’s campus,  on Harding Road.  Students, there, are learning how to grow plants and crops in different environments, with a big emphasis on food security and sustainability in our province.

Made Right Here: Stained glass art

Delicate, custom, handmade works of art. This week on Made Right Here, Danielle Butt explores the process of making stained glass pieces.

Made Right Here: Cupboard Up

Danielle Butt visits Cupboard Up, a store that offers a variety of Nordic accessories in St. John’s

Made Right Here: FiberLilly Quilt Shop

In tonights Made Right Here, NTV’s Danielle Butt visits FiberLilly Quilt Shop in St. John’s.

Made Right Here: Province’s largest producer of freeze dried candies

Tonight on Made Right Here, Danielle Butt visits Oliver Freeze Dried in Conception Harbour.

Made Right Here: New bakery in Harbour Grace

This week on Made Right Here, Danielle travels to Harbour Grace and checks out the new Golden Crust Bakery facility on Harvey Street to see what goes into those tasty treats.

Made Right Here: Fabulous Gifts and Home Decor

Danielle Butt’s Made Right Here takes us to Fabulous Gifts and Home Decor.

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