Labrador Island Link

Muskrat Falls critic says it’s too soon to call the project fully commissioned

NL Hydro has declared the Labrador Island Link commissioned. 

But one Muskrat Falls critic says it may be too early to say the project has crossed the finished line. NTV’s Ben Cleary has more in this report. 

Muskrat Falls project now considered commissioned, N.L. Hydro says

After more than a decade of work, and billions of dollars spent, the Muskrat Falls Project is finally considered commissioned.  

NTV’s Ben Cleary with the latest. 

Testing of Labrador-Island Link went smoothly for second time, N.L. Hydro says

NL Hydro says over the weekend, high-powered testing of the Labrador-Island Link went smoothly for the second time, bringing the commissioning of the Muskrat Falls Project one step closer to completion.

Testing on Labrador-Island Link causes widespread power outages, delays commissioning

Thousands of residents on the island lost power this morning for nearly half and hour during testing on the Labrador-Island Link.

The outages may have been brief, but they do have implications for the long-term commissioning of the transmission line from Muskrat Falls. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

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