Abigale Latoszek named 2023 Janeway Champion Child

Today was a special day for one little girl and her family after she was named the 2023 Janeway Champion Child. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill was at St. Mary’s Elementary today for the big announcement.

Eastern Health says fewer than five routine surgeries have been cancelled so far at Janeway

Eastern Health says fewer than five routine surgeries have been cancelled so far at the Janeway Children’s Hospital due to the increase in respiratory illnesses. 

Woman shares struggles getting care for child as Janeway deals with overflowing emergency room

The Janeway has started cancelling some surgeries and appointments because of an overflow of children in the emergency department. Temporary changes took effect Monday to tackle the demand. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Some surgeries and appointments to be cancelled at Janeway because of increased ER visits

Eastern Health is cancelling some routine surgeries and appointments at the Janeway Children’s Hospital starting Monday. Patients will be contacted directly if their surgery/appointment is impacted and will be rescheduled for a later date.

The cancellations are a result in more visits to the emergency department and admissions due to respiratory illnesses. Eastern Health staff and physicians continue to meet demand, by mobilizing additional human resources, waiting areas and treatment spaces, to help support the emergency department and in-patient units. 

Where possible, Eastern Health is asking individuals to consider making an appointment with their primary health-care provider/family doctor for non-urgent concerns before going to the emergency department. If you areunsure whether a loved one should go to the emergency department, call the NL Health Line at 811 to speak with a registered nurse 24 hours, seven days a week. Patients with a medical emergency who require an ambulance should continue to call 911.

Eastern Health reminds the public of the importance of keeping up to date with influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations; staying at home when sick; and other preventative health measures such as handwashing and masking.

Eastern Health appreciates the public’s understanding and patience.

First Edition: Janeway Telethon Launch 2022

The 38th annual Janeway Telethon is scheduled for June 4-5 on NTV. Toni-Marie Wiseman gives a preview in this special launch program.

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