Numerous tickets issued Thursday, following collaborative traffic checkpoint

Posted: July 15, 2023 9:05 am
By Eddie Sheerr

A joint effort between the RNC and RCMP led to a number of tickets issued following a traffic checkpoint in St. John’s on Thursday.

The checkpoint focused on cargo securement, licensing and equipment compliance, and Highway Traffic Act (HTA) compliance. In the two-hour timeframe of the operation, officers issued 30 summary offence tickets to vehicle operators. There were vehicles seized related to HTA non-compliance, vehicles removed from the road for non-compliance with licensing and equipment regulations,  as well as notices issued for mandatory vehicle inspections.

The most prevalent offences observed by officers engaged in this traffic safety checkpoint were insecure cargo, defective equipment, and operating a vehicle without an insurance policy. Other offences included unregistered vehicles and trailers, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

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