Narrowed roadway causes downtown traffic jam

Posted: February 17, 2023 11:19 pm
By Earl Noble

A recent snowstorm may have ended on Wednesday evening, however forty-eight hours later its remnants caused a traffic headache on one of downtown’s busiest roads.

Reports of the traffic nightmare started appearing on social media early Friday evening, as downtown businesses filled with patrons. Snowbanks encroached on many parking spaces along the west end of Duckworth Street, and parked vehicles lined both sides of the street. The result was a single lane of road on which traffic could flow.

At times traffic was backed-up from McBride’s Hill to New Gower Street, with neither direction able to gain any ground. On at least one occasion passengers of several vehicles could be seen walking down the line of cars to explain to other drivers what was happening. Some drivers were forced to reverse their vehicles a significant distance to free the traffic jam. Other drivers tried using their horn to free up space.

Many pedestrians, who were able to walk freely along both sidewalks, stopped to marvel at the inconvenience and offer commentary on its cause. The City of St. John’s had removed snow from a length of Duckworth Street, east of Prescott Street, the previous night. No snow removal operations were scheduled for Friday night.

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