Daycare development rejected by St. John’s City Council

Posted: February 10, 2024 11:25 am
By Web Team

St. John’s City Council has rejected a proposal for a significant daycare development on Thorburn Road.

The rejected proposal was for a two building daycare at 410 Thorburn road which is currently an unserviced area. The main concern was safety – St. John’s Regional Fire Department says the facility would be one minute over the recommended response time for the nearest detachment. They also noted challenges around dry hydrants, and underground tanks which are required for the area. The daycare was supposed to operate seven days a week, with enough room to accommodate over 140 kids and up to 20 staff members. 

However, council recently approved a new daycare on near Austin Street, which will be open five days a week, and will accommodate a little over 70 kids. 

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