Michael Connors


Andrew Furey promises to break silence on provincial election tomorrow

Liberal leader Andrew Furey has been silent on issues with the provincial election since applications closed for mail-in ballots last Friday. He's only been...

Low voter turnout looms as Elections N.L. estimates 120,000 mail-in ballot applications

Elections N.L. estimates it received about 120,000 applications for mail-in ballots after the provincial election was delayed. That's on top of 34,736 special ballot...

Opposition parties seek assurances extended vote count will stay confidential

Elections N.L. plans to start counting special ballots in the provincial election next week, even though voters have until March 12 to mail their...

Election delay could force cabinet to use special warrants to keep government running

With the vote count for the provincial election expected to push into the week of March 15, it's possible the House of Assembly may...

Elections Canada helps with phone calls for special ballots in provincial election

Elections Canada has stepped up to help Elections N.L. deal with the high number of phone calls for mail-in ballots. Elections N.L. is using...

No decisions about litigation as parties wrangle over meeting chief electoral officer

As Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk seeks assistance from other government departments for mail voting, the political parties are arguing over whether it's appropriate...