Beth Penney


Woman with medical mystery finally getting much-needed medivac

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel for a woman who has been struggling to get answers to a medical mystery...

Easter Seals fundraising to repair flood damage to building

It's been a tough summer for the folks at Easter Seals after flooding caused significant damage to their building on Mount Scio Road. The...

Single Parents Association seeks school supplies for families in need

Kids might not want to hear it, but the school year is right around the corner. As Beth Penney reports, the Single Parents Association...

RCMP ends search for three missing men in Mistastin Lake

After weeks of searching at Mistastin Lake, the site of a float plane crash on July 15 with seven passengers on board, the RCMP...

Cannabis retailer says costs are forcing him out of business

A local cannabis retailer says he can't keep up with the cost of running his ship. Thomas Clarke feels like he's being forced out...

NTV’s Amanda Mews appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night

She was searching for mayoral candidate Jimmy Kimmel all week - and last night NTV's Amanda Mews appeared on the late night comedy show.

Province launches framework for play-based learning

Early childhood educators got a boost Wednesday from a new framework focusing on play-based learning. NTV's Beth Penney reports.

Ergonomists show off best chairs for your back at St. John’s conference

Hundreds of people from across Canada came together in St. John's Tuesday for the 50th annual conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists. NTV's...

First Light Friendship Centre relocating thanks to federal funding

The First Light Friendship Centre is relocating and renovating thanks to federal funding. The former St. John's Native Friendship Centre has needed extra space...

Government money improving accessibility on Manuels River walking trails

All three levels of government announced $300,000 to improve accessibility on walking trails along the Manuels River. NTV's Beth Penney reports.