St. John’s City Hall


City crews still working around the clock to restore St. John’s streets

Two weeks after a blizzard paralysed St. John's, city crews continue to work around the clock to return the roads to pre-storm conditions. NTV's...

St. John’s mayor discusses wastewater costs with deputy prime minister

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland met with St. John's Mayor Danny Breen on Tuesday. They discussed cost-sharing of a secondary waste-water facility. The city...

St. John’s City Hall owed about $20 million in unpaid taxes

St. John's City Hall is owed about $20 million in unpaid taxes. Council implemented a new policy near the end of 2019 to collect...

City of St. John’s releasing 2020 budget this evening

St. John's City Council will be voting on its municipal budget this evening, and it’s anticipated to please rate payers. The city currently has a...

No more dumping snow in harbour means rising cost for St. John’s City Hall

St. John's City Hall no longer has permission to dump  snow in the harbour and will have to truck it to Robin Hood Bay...

Danny Williams wins Court of Appeal ruling against St. John’s City Hall

Galway developer Danny Williams has won a Court of Appeal ruling against St. John's City Hall. NTV's Gerri Lynn Mackey reports.