Strike looms

UPDATE: More than 150,000 federal public service workers going on strike

More than 150,000 federal public service workers will be on strike Wednesday.

Canada’s largest federal public-service union said Tuesday evening that workers will go on strike after talks with the government failed to produce an agreement before its 9 p.m. ET deadline.

The bargaining groups involve some 155,000 federal public servants, including 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers.

NTV’s Bailey Howard reports on what the impact could be in Newfoundland and Labrador.

MUN faculty members to hold strike vote Wednesday

A work stoppage continues to loom for MUN faculty members, but as NTV’s Bailey Howard tells us, a strike mandate vote tomorrow determines what happens next.

Strike looms for paramedics in rural Newfoundland

The union representing more than 100 paramedics in rural Newfoundland says it’s getting closer to strike action.

Phase one could begin early as next week as workers for five of the seven operators have voted 100 per cent in favour of a strike.

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