St. Mary's

St. Mary’s plans steps towards cleaning up former fish sauce plant

The former Fish Sauce Plant in St. Mary’s is still standing, after the town received no interest from consultants to clean up the site.

The town is now planning its next steps. Mayor Steve Ryan says it’s not a surprise as the clean up is a big undertaking. The town will now move to an open tender, meaning any company across Canada can bid on the consulting work

St. Mary’s still pushing for cleanup at former fish sauce plant

Residents in St. Mary’s are still pushing for a cleanup of the toxic mess left behind from a former fish sauce plant. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

Public meeting held in St. Mary’s as town grapples with revelations of toxic mess

A public meeting was held in St. Mary’s today after yesterday’s public revelations of a toxic mess in a former fish sauce plant.

NTV’s Bailey Howard was in St. Mary’s today and has this report.

St. Mary’s Mayor calls on government to address toxic mess in abandoned plant

People in St. Mary’s are grappling with a major environmental, and public health concern.

It’s caused by an abandoned plant that made fish sauce, and the town’s mayor is demanding immediate action. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

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