Outer Battery

Charges withdrawn against man accused of interfering with Outer Battery light

Charges have been withdrawn against a man accused of interfering with a light that was at the centre of a long-running dispute in the Outer Battery. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Local MHA hoping for City of St. John’s co-operation in Outer Battery lights dispute 

The lights in the Outer Battery neighbourhood in St. John’s are off for now, but for how long? The Liberal MHA for the area says it’s ultimately in the hands of the City of St. John’s. David Salter has more in this report.

Controversial lights turned off in Outer Battery

There’s been a new development in the Outer Battery lights story – the lights have been turned off. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Sheilagh O’Leary presents petition to St. John’s City Council on Outer Battery lights

The complaints about lights in the Outer Battery aren’t going away at St. John’s City Hall. This week, Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary presented a petition with more than 5,000 signatures calling for action. NTV’s Bailey Howard reports.

32-year-old man arrested for trespassing, property damage in Outer Battery incident

Police say a 32-year-old man was arrested just after 1:00a.m., this morning after an incident in the Outer Battery in St. John’s. 

Police received a report of property damage in progress in the outer battery. 

The man has been charged with trespassing, and property damage. He was released to appear in court at a later date. 

Local biologist says bright lights have consequences for birds, as Outer Battery issue continues

A local biologist says it might seem unusual to think of the light we produce as pollution, but says, that’s exactly what’s happening in the Outer Battery.

Tensions in the Outer Battery continue to escalate with more lights added

Tensions in the Outer Bater continue to escalate, as a resident adds another bright to their property.

Outer Battery protesters demand action on nuisance lighting as City Council votes down motion

Residents gathered in protest at St. John’s City Hall Monday afternoon, to demand action by the city on nuisance lighting. NTV’s Marykate O’Neill reports.

Uproar in Outer Battery as historic twine loft damaged by chainsaw

There was more uproar in the Outer Battery Friday night after an historic twine loft was the target of apparent vandalism by a chainsaw.

Meanwhile, a protest is planned for Monday against City Hall’s refusal to intervene in a dispute over bright lights on one property in the area.

City of St. John’s not stepping in to solve Outer Battery lighting controversy

A set of bright lights in the outer battery area of St. John’s has been causing grief for neighbouring residents. But the city of St. John’s will not be stepping in. 

NTV’s Beth Penney reports.

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