Nurses feeling shortchanged on bonuses

In the midst of a health care crisis, government has recently loosened the purse strings to entice doctors to rural areas with signing bonuses of up to $300,000 in some cases.

But now the province’s nurses are saying what about us? NTV’s David Salter has more.

Nurses’ union hopes new health funding will be used for retention initiatives

The president of the Registered Nurses’ Union is pushing for specific action on the nursing crisis as part last week’s federal offer to boost health care funding.

NTV’s David Salter has more in this report.

Registered Nurses’ Union and student nurses join MUNFA members on picket line

Nursing students and the president of the Registered Nurses’ Union joined MUN faculty members on the picket line today.

As NTV’s Beth Penney reports, they say it’s critical that these future nurses graduate on time. 

MUN faculty strike could affect province’s health care system, nursing students say

Nursing students at Memorial University say the strike could not only affect their ability to graduate, it could also affect the province’s already struggling health care system. NTV’s Beth Penney reports. 

Nurses’ union says province should fix problems at home before recruiting in Ireland

The province announced this week its launching a second recruiting trip to Ireland to support the beleaguered health care system.

But as NTV’s David Salter reports, the Nurses’ Union says the government should take care of issues here at home first.

Nurses’ union looks back at tough year for health care in 2022

2022 was another tough year for nurses in Newfoundland and Labrador. NTV’s Beth Penney takes a look back with Yvette Coffey of the Registered Nurses’ Union..

College of Registered Nurses says province could see nurses from India licensed for work by spring

We have more tonight on the mission this province’s mission to recruit nurses from India. NTV’s Jodi Cooke spoke with the head of the College of Registered Nurses.

Department of Health arrives in India to establish recruitment desk for nurses

A group of nurses and the Department of Health are now on site in a city in India working towards recruiting more health care professionals to this province.

NTV’s Jodi Cooke with an update tonight on their progress.

Nurses protest working conditions in Corner Brook

Nurses in Corner Brook staged a demonstration Tuesday, voicing their concerns about working conditions at hospitals and long-term care homes. NTV’s Don Bradshaw reports.

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