Association for New Canadians applauds doubling of yearly immigration spaces

The Association for New Canadians is applauding the recent news that the province has achieved a doubling of its yearly immigration spaces, from 1,500 to just over 3,000. 

Province doubling yearly immigration spaces

Immigration Minister Gerry Byrne announced today the province is doubling its yearly immigration spaces from 1,500 to just over 3,000 people. 

Along with their families, that will mean nearly 7,000 newcomers will be nominated to live here annually. 

Population growing in N.L. due to surge in immigration

While there are more people dying than being born in this province, the minister responsible for population growth believes the number of people calling Newfoundland and Labrador home is trending in the right direction.  

As NTV’s Don Bradshaw tells us, the overall population here continues to climb, primarily because of a surge in immigration.

Local immigration advocate stuck outside country after running into own immigration troubles

A successful business owner, and fierce advocate for newcomers in this province, is experiencing immigration issues of her own.

She’s now stuck in her home country of Chile, away from her husband and children. NTV’s Beth Penney reports.  

Immigration minister calls on Ottawa to double province’s immigration spaces for 2023

For the first time ever, Newfoundland and Labrador has maxed out its permanent residency spaces issued by Ottawa.

But as NTV’s Beth Penney reports, the province’s immigration minister is calling on the federal government to make a change. 

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