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Province unveils plans for new Cardiovascular and Stroke Institute at HSC

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the unhealthiest provinces in the country.

Today, the province unveiled plans for a new Cardiovascular and Stroke Institute at the Health Sciences Centre. NTV’s David Salter reports.

Changes starting Monday during construction at Health Sciences Centre emergency department

Temporary changes are coming to external and internal entrances at the emergency department of the Health Sciences Centre during construction on expanding the department.

External Entrance to the Emergency Department

As of Monday, Jan. 16, individuals with appointments, or those who are visiting patients within the hospital, are required to use the main patient entrance as there will be no public access to the rest of the Health Sciences Centre from the emergency department external entrance. People requiring access to the emergency department will be able to use this entrance up to 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 22.

All Entrances to the Emergency Department

As of Sunday, both the external and internal entrance to the emergency department will be closed and all patients requiring access to the emergency department will be directed to enter through the main patient entrance of the hospital. A new temporary emergency entrance will be available for patients to access registration and the waiting room inside the facility. People proceeding to the emergency department should follow signage which will direct them to take their immediate right after entering the main entrance of the facility and proceed down the hallway to the new emergency department entrance.

Additional Measures

Measures have been put in place for individuals who are pregnant and need emergency services. Anyone who is over 20 weeks pregnant should proceed through the main patient entrance of the Health Sciences Centre and follow the signage directing them to the case room. Anyone who is less than 20 weeks pregnant should proceed to the main entrance of the hospital and follow the signage to the new entrance of the emergency department.

As part of the emergency department expansion project at Health Sciences Centre, new security doors will be installed inside the main entrance of the facility. As part of the project, an intercom system will also be installed at the main patient entrance of the Health Sciences Centre to enable direct access to the case room for obstetrical patients. Anyone else seeking access to the facility after hours will be required to call security using the phone provided just inside the entrance or by calling the phone number provided on signage.

Signs will remain in place throughout the project to help direct people and security will be on site to provide assistance as needed.

Tories raise more concerns about Liberal favouritism with Health Sciences Centre ER contract

The Tories say they have more evidence of Liberal favouritism in dealing with the bids to renovate the emergency room at the Health Sciences Centre.

An access to information request shows that back in August, one prospective bidder wrote that the tender had become un biddable, and appeared to be tipped in favour of Marco Group.

Marco eventually won the contract.

Province awards contract to expand emergency department at Health Sciences Centre

The province awarded a multimillion-dollar contract Wednesday to expand the emergency department in the Health Sciences Centre.

It comes at a time when ERs across the province face staff shortages, but there are also questions about which company got the contract.

NTV’s Beth Penney reports. 

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