Nuclear medicine services temporarily close for improvements in Gander

Nuclear medicine services in central Newfoundland are about to be improved, but that means a temporary closure at the hospital in Gander. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

$4 million announced for struggling Gander Airport

Two federal ministers were in Gander today to announce more than $4 million dollars for the airport.

It’s good news for the struggling airport, and the money is also expected to bring benefits to the local lobster fishery. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor both keeping obstetrics units

Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor have both feared central Newfoundland will be reduced to just one obstetrics unit, but Health Minister Tom Osborne now says two units will be maintained in the region. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

Grand Falls-Windsor holding public meeting about future of obstetric care in central Newfoundland

Grand Falls-Windsor is holding a public meeting this week about concerns that central Newfoundland will be left with just one obstetrics unit. Health Minister Tom Osborne says no decisions will be made until both Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor are consulted. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

Gander mayor speaks out against continued diversion of obstetric services to Grand Falls-Windsor

Gander Mayor Percy Farwell is speaking out after news that obstetrical services will continue to be diverted to Grand Falls-Windsor until a permanent decision is made about health care in central Newfoundland. NTV’s Colleen Lewis reports.

Town of Gander holds line in municipal budget

Despite the high inflation rate, the Town of Gander is holding the line on its mil rate for 2023.

NTV’s Colleen Lewis has the story.

Annual Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador convention taking place in Gander this weekend

Delegates from across the province will be in Gander this weekend for the annual municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador convention. NTV’s Colleen Lewis has the story.

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