Budget 2023

Opposition parties say Budget 2023 doesn’t do enough to address gender-based violence

In the House of Assembly today, the Opposition was asking what the government is doing to address gender-based violence.

That’s after last week’s release of the final report on the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Federal minister Gudie Hutchings highlights grocery rebate in federal budget

Federal Cabinet Minister Gudie Hutchings was making the rounds on the west coast today, speaking to community groups about details of the federal budget. NTV’s Don Bradshaw has that story.

Siobhan Coady highlights how provincial will impact Burin Peninsula

Finance Minister Siobhan Coady was in Marystown recently to talk about how Budget 2023 will affect residents on the Burin Peninsula.

NTV’s Ross Tilley has more.

Education not a priority in provincial budget, says NLTA

The provincial budget revealed the Liberal government plans to spend a record amount on healthcare over the next year. 

But what about education? Well the province’s teachers association it was not a priority.

NTV’s Ben Cleary has more in this report. 

Financial advisor warns province still vulnerable to changes in price of oil after budget

There’s more reaction tonight to Budget 2023. Despite promises to lower emissions, the government is still spending on oil exploration.

But one financial advisor is warning that the province is still vulnerable to changes in the price of oil.

NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Nurses’ Union disappointed in lack of new money for nurses in provincial budget

Government announced $3.9 billion dollars in health care spending in this week’s budget but no new money for nurses. The president of the Nurses’ Union says she’s not surprised. NTV’s David Salter has more.

Former nurses residence at Grace Hospital to be torn down this year

While the demolition of the former Grace Hospital Nursing Residence in St. John’s has been talked about for years, Budget 2023 shows there are plans to tear the building down this year. 

Municipalities see boost in operating grants in Budget 2023

Municipalities across the province got a boost to their operating grants in this year’s budget.

NTV’s Bailey Howard tells us more.

Community leaders on west coast give provincial budget passing grade

Community leaders on the west coast are generally giving the provincial budget a passing grade. 

With a focus on health care, and no tax increases, businesses and municipalities say the budget addresses immediate needs, but there are still some concerns.  NTV’s Don Bradshaw has that story.

No fee or tax increases in Budget 2023

The provincial government tabled Budget 2023 this afternoon, and there are no fee or tax increases coming to Newfoundland and Labrador.

NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

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