Bruce Chaulk

Bruce Chaulk’s term ends as chief electoral officer

Bruce Chaulk’s controversial six-year term has come to an end as chief electoral officer. He’s been replaced by Travis Wooley as acting chief electoral officer, and Ann Chafe as acting commissioner for legislative standards.

Province launches review of statutory offices of the House after ongoing drama

The ongoing drama involving Elections N.L. and the Citizens’ Representative has led to yet another review. This time, the province has appointed a retired judge to review most of the statutory offices that report to the House of Assembly. NTV’s Rosie Mullaley reports.

Citizens’ Representative refuses to apologize to Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk

There’s more drama today among the officers that report to the House of Assembly. A report is calling on the Citizens’ Representative to apologize to Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk.

But there will be no apology, as Bradley Moss says that would undermine the independence of his office. NTV’s Ben Cleary has tonight’s top story.


Paul Lane raises concerns about process after Bruce Chaulk reinstated as chief electoral officer

One MHA is raising concerns about the process after Bruce Chaulk was reinstated as chief electoral officer. Independent MHA Paul Lane was among the first to demand action on allegations of bullying and harassment at Elections N.L. NTV’s David Salter reports.

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