St. John’s man wins ‘Set for Life’; plans trip to Europe and take in a Bruce Springsteen concert

Posted: November 28, 2023 12:37 pm
By Web Team

Reginald Hoskins of St. John’s was in disbelief when he saw three sandal symbols accompanied by the words “Set for Life” in the prize box on his recent Scratch’N Win ticket.
“I thought it was a mistake, so I scanned it with the mobile app and then called customer
service at Atlantic Lottery to confirm,” Hoskins said. “It was true, but it took a little bit to settle

Hoskins immediately shared the news with his partner, who had to walk away to process the
news before the couple could discuss the reality of their big win. “It feels pretty great, I’m very excited,” Hoskins said. “It’s really starting to sink in now.”

Atlantic Lottery’s Set for Life is a $4 Scratch’N Win ticket that offers two options for the top
prize. Winners can choose to receive $1,000 a week for 25 years, or a lump sum payment of
$675,000. Hoskins will receive the lump sum payment. “Set for Life has been the main game I’ve ever played,” Hoskins said. “My dad used to play it too, so it’s always been my go-to.”

Hoskins said he hopes to make the prize money work for him. He plans to invest, take care of
his family and visit Europe, Montreal and Ottawa. As a creator who works in theatre and has a passion for the arts, Hoskins also hopes to grow his collection of visual art, visit New York City to take in some shows, and see Bruce Springsteen with the E Street Band.

Hoskins purchased his winning Set for Life ticket at the Marie’s Mini Mart on Airport Heights

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