Showers focused on central and western Newfoundland today

Posted: June 7, 2024 6:51 am
By Eddie Sheerr


Good Friday morning!

As we close out the work week, the weather in the Avalon Peninsula and some adjacent areas of eastern Newfoundland will improve slightly. Most areas will see a decrease in fog and showers compared to the last 5 or 6 days. There may even be, dare I say it, some breaks of sun for northern sections of eastern Newfoundland. That includes St. John’s Metro. There will be some areas of fog along south-facing shorelines today and on parts of the Burin Peninsula.

Areas of central and western Newfoundland, the Northern Peninsula and the majority of the South Coast will see a good chance of showers and/or some light rain at times today. In fact, radar imagery from this morning shows rain working it’s way down the West Coast from north to south this morning, around the periphery of our nearly stationary low.

This area will see more in the way of showers and rain today as the area of low pressure is almost directly overhead. Some of the rain showers will be heavy and subsequently, heavy downpours are a good possibility for the western two-thrids of the Island.

Today’s highs will generally be in the lower to middle teens. However, if areas of eastern Canada break out into any sunshine, some locations may reach the middle and upper teens. Areas of fog will be found on the South Coast and possibly the eastern side of the Northern Peninsula and parts of the Green Bay-White Bay area and Baie Verte Peninsula.

Meanwhile… the forecast for Labrador is pretty self-explanatory. Sun, sun, and more sun today. Temperatures will vary a bit as some spots on the coast will have onshore flow. This will keep temperatures in the single digits, while inland highs will climb into the mid-20s!

Have a great Friday and stay tuned for more forecast updates later today!

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